Women's Skin Care

We offer a range of services specifically developed for the unique qualities of women's skin.

Basic Facials

Express Facial - $30 - 30 minutes

A revitalizing, cleansing treatment for those on the go. The skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated, and gently massaged. The treatment is followed by a deeply penetrating moisturizer for a bright and radiant complexion. Ideal for pre-parties and special occasions, or use as a quick pick-me-up facial booster in between standing appointments. 

Classic Facial - $50 - 60 minutes

If you're looking to revitalize and renew your complexion, then this facial is for you. It's our most basic facial, but delivers immediate results. The Classic Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, face massage, steam, and mask. This facial restores the skins balance.

Customized Facials

These facials include all of the components of the Classic Facial, but are highly customized based on customer requests and/ or skin analysis and consultation.

Brightening Facial - $65 - 60 minutes

This facial is designed to boost brightness and improve the skin's natural radiance. Facial includes a brightening mask that reveals a healthy and even complexion.

Acne Facial - $65 - 60 minutes

This facial offers a deep pore cleansing and purification that will help control and perhaps even prevent breakouts. Facial includes oil control products, extractions, and calming mask treatment to promote healing, reduce irritation and redness.

Firm and Lift Facial -$65 - 60 minutes

The aim of this mask is to plump the skin and restore its elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial includes an intense treatment of a powerful firming mask that will lift, tighten and tone the skin. You will see and feel its renewing effects immediately. 

Hydrating Facial - $65 - 60 minutes

Winter and harsh weather can take a toll on our delicate skin, leaving it dull, patchy, and flaky. This facial is designed to incorporate hydrating facial treatments that nourish and restore the moisture balance of the skin to relieve tightness and leave skin soft and supple. This facial also includes a gentle exfoliation to remove dry skin and prepare it for a rich facial treatment.

Anti-Aging Facial - $65 - 60 minutes

This is the ultimate treatment for maturing skin. Includes a special treatment to the skin to firm and hydrate the skin followed by a moisturizing facial massage. This facial smooths and softens skin

Youth Facials

Teen Facial - $30 - 30 minutes

This facial, designed for the acne prone skin, includes customized cleansing and mask treatment that will help balance overactive sebum glands.